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Saturday, Sep 05, 2009
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Gratitude to our teachers


Teachers are like shining starts

Who make everyone shine in their life

Teachers are god’s gift to us

Who make us reach our goal

Teachers are like parachutes

Who make us fly in our life

Teachers are like library

From which we gather knowledge

God created teachers for us

To make our life meaningful

Teachers may not be born geniuses

But they make every student a genius

V.Vinodhini, XII-AI

John Dewey



Devoted Teachers

Sun rises in the east

Teachers rise in our hearts

Mother is the second teacher

God guides every person

And teacher create great people.

Teacher is the gift of god

And every student is a gift of teacher

Failure is the stepping stone to success

Teachers are the makers of success

Sun sets in the west

Teacher work without rest.

S.Anusuya, XI-AI

G.Azhaguvarthani, XI-AI

John Dewey

Matric. Hr.Sec.School


My fairly Godmother

My teacher is my fairly godmother

Guiding me to better future

She galvanises with her speech

Aspiring me to achieve.

She is a pole star

For a wondering bark

Lights up our path

Moulds up with glaze.

Daily she blossoms

Spreads everywhere her fragrance

From morn to be with her endurance

Untirelessly waiting for my victory

I know

It will be her best teacher’s day

Which would adorn her

The fame of the everest.

K.Guhan, VII-F

Krishnaswamy Memorial

Matriculation Hr.Sec School


God made Teachers

God understand our thirst for knowledge,

And our need to be led

By someone wiser

He needed a heart of compassion

Of encouragement and patience

Someone who could see potential

And believe in the best in others

So he made teachers.

S.Syed Imran, VIII F

Krishnaswamy Memorial

Matriculation Hr.Sec School


My Teacher

Touching students heart mildly

Making the students face shine brightly

Moving with students understandingly

Punishing mischievous students lawfully

Correcting the student is error minutely.

V.Subashini, XII –A

Krishnaswamy Memorial

Matriculation Hr.Sec School


Teacher’s day

A teacher is better than two books.

This is a proverb that truthfully

and meaningfully reminds us the importance of teachers.

Teacher’s day is one such day.

It is a day of joyous for both,

The teachers as well as the students.

L.Aaditya, VIII

Maruthi Matriculation

Hr.Sec. School



Oh! My dear teacher,

You are our true preachers,

You are our Quintessence light

You make our life precious and bright

You give us discipline and knowledge

We find you in schools and in colleges.

R.Ramya, II B.A English

Rajeswari College of Arts

& Science for Women


My Teacher

O’ Wood cutter

U made structures in me

U asked my last desire

U inspire my last expire

U as a goldsmith

Make me an ornamental from bar hold.

Dasarathan, XII

Bonne Nehru Higher

Secondary School



They are the pillars of our lives

Standing tall, standing strong.

All through the seasons they don’t wear

They will be there with us for long.

They take joy from joys of ours,

They smile for our little wins.

For they are the reason, it ever happened

But for them we’re fish sans fins

R.Rashmita, XII-B

Vivekanandha Hr.Sec

School, Puducherry.

Lively Ladders To Attain Glory

Teachers are like Trees having,

“Wisdom” as their roots,

“Knowledge” as their branches,

“Love” as their flowers, and

“Service” as their Fruits;

They’re, The “Knights to uproot Ignorance”..!

The “Rain of Wisdom” comes upon without difference…!

These qualities equal them to God..!

They’re ladders not only in earth,

‘ T stretches to heaven from earth !!!!

They’re the lively ladders to attain glory…!!!!!

Arun A. Daves,

II B.A., English,

St. Joseph’s Arts &

Science College,


My Gratitude

On this auspicious day, I utter these words of gratitude to my lovable teachers.

Dear Teachers

You guide my foot to go in right path.

You teach my tender lips and hands to read & write.

You shape my behaviours with good values

You help my performance to succeed

You appreciate my talents when I achieve

You train my mind to be self-confident

You encourage my capacity to be staged

You support my thoughts when they are correct

You command my faults not to occur again

You console my heart when I am in sorrow

You give my legs strength to stand on my own in nut shell

You make me the best citizen of the nation!

Thank You Teacher! Thank You Very Much!!

R.Arulrajavallavan, VII “B”

Prof .Annoussamy

Hr.Sec. School . Bahour.

You’r A Very Good Person

You’r a very good person

You have played many a character in my life

You’re a very good teacher, when

You make my learning easy

Indeed you’re my great friend, when

You correct my mistakes

You’re my heart continuously to beat

With your lovely name

Has I am touched by your inspiration

You’re my good role model

To live my life and enrich it

“Thanks for showing me!”

Wish You Happy Teacher’s Day

S. Dinesh, XI C St. Joseph,

Hr. Sec. School, Cuddalore

You Made The Day Special!

Buds may blossom, bards may chirp,

But they never, without a morning.

Lives may come, lives may go

But your essence abstains its meaning.

We are sound on earth, along with dreams,

We are audited by your with vision of love.

We merge as crops with glittering gleams

We are ripped by you, with our dreams as yield.

R. Ranjitha XII-A1

St. Mary’s Matric Hr. Sec.

School, Cuddalore


Teachers – Those angels

Brought us , not information,

but knowledge.

Gave us, not home work:

But their heart.

Spent with us, not just time:

But their life

Held us, not to danger:

But to god.

Make us, not just professionals:

But role model.

Educated us, not with lesson:

But with life:

Teachers are not just teachers,

Teachers are not just second mothers,

Teachers are not just god,

But someone who should as all the three.

Madhumathy, X ’C’

St. Mary’s Matric Hr. Sec.

School, Cuddalore

Custodians of Education

Train us to try our level best

Enable us to educate ourselves

Attune us to act wisely

Cheer us to be courageous

Help us to be hopeful of future

Encourage us to be empowered, and

Responsibly help us Redefine our

Self Image

Teachers – You Have Empowered Our Minds ; Unlocked Our Knowledge

A.Nirmal Joyce,

II B.A., English

Theivanai Ammal College

for Women, Villupuram

Gratitude to my Teacher

He is within me in my attitude

He is within me in my discipline

He is within me in my humanity

He is within me in my intelligence

He is within me in my kindness

He is within me in my leadership

He is within me in my nobility

He is within me in my progress

He is within me in my success

He is within me in my talent

He is within me in my victory

He is within me in my wonders

His teaching will be within me for ever and ever!


III B.A - English

Theivanai Ammal College

for Women, Villupuram

My Inspiration

When I hastened to begin

You were my ladder

When I was in distress

You were my thrust

When I was at struggle

You were my guide

And now!

When I am at the peak

You still remain my Inspiration

Thuvinisha Krishnan


Stansford International

High School



Teacher – Living God

Believe it or not

God is living in the World

Teachers are living God

Who teach, train, to make us great

Teaching is not a profession

It is Service to society.

J.Lizasilvia, XIth Std.

Sri SankaraVidhyshramam

Mat. Hr. Sec. School,

Odiampattu, Villianur,


Super Human being

Raw clay When I joined the school.

You moulded me like a Potter.

Shaped me like a Sculptor.

Led me like a Guide.

Consoled me like a Friend.

Fed me like a Mother.

Protected me like a Father.

Disciplined like a Master.

Enthralled me like an Entertainer.

Enlightened me like a Philosopher.

Guided me like a Lighthouse.

Loved me like Grandparents.

With these you are not

God to be worshipped.

But You are my beloved teacher

To be loved, respected and remembered forever and ever!

Happy Teachers’ Day.

Mathew Rohan Xavier,


Akshara Vidyaashram


A Warm Wish to all the Teachers

A teacher is like Spring

for the new thought she brings

She is like a summer

who makes our life glow brighter

She is always with a smile

which is cool like winter

you’re a teacher for all seasons

so you are appriciated for many reasons

A.R. Abdullah VIII Std

Sabari Vidhyasharam

The School Puducherry

Motherly Teacher

Her dedicated service is beyond all praise.

A living deity with full of passion.

We like her all for she loves us all,

A love so great which is beyond any works,

With a charming face and enchanting teaching,

She looted our hearts and her heart is a treasure.

What penance we have done to have her our teacher,

No doubt a boon that god has gifted.

The loss of my mother is faded like a cloud,

With this living mother whom I am loving for ever.

P.Sethumani IX Std

Kamatchi Shanmugam

Matric. Hr. Sec. School

Cuddalore – O.T.

My School Teacher

I do not know how this wonder came,

In this virgin age as sage,

A mind so deep wide and large,

Deeply dives into subject sweet,

Born as poor rich in mind,

Her teaching reaches minds as wind,

A touching teaching never been heard,

A voice of singing full of thoughts,

How she gained this knowledge great,

What a wonder in this school?

Her teaching thunders wonders all,

Who has blessed these virtues great,

Fate is what that go to hell,

Not a teacher in my class but a goddess in my school.

K.Rajarathinam IX Std

Kamatchi Shanmugam

Matric. Hr. Sec. School

Cuddalore – O.T

Teacher is not a word

It’s a slogan

Teaching is not a profession

Its an ethic

Teachers do not teach

But they prouch

Teachers do not helps to study

But helps to live

Teaches are not human beings

But god.

B.A.Chandra mouli

Wiseman Hr.Sec.School


Greetings to Teachers

We convey our heartiest greetings

And felicitations to the worshipful

Members of the management and our

Teachers for their dedicated service

To make our life prosperous and bright

The Students

Siddhar Sivagnaani Arts

& Science College

for Women, Puducherry


Mother of child

Lamp of light

Roots of tree

Breeze of wind

Rain of grain

Virtue of mind

Depth of ocean

Tone of music

Honey of sweet

Mighty of world

Mine of diamond

Heart of art

All teachers are come by the grace of god.

Fathuvnnisa IX Std

Raak International School


Gift of Life

Mother is the care of Life

Friend is the light of Life

Beauty is the art of Life

Risk is the part of Life

God is the saviour of Life


Our teacher is the gift of life.


B.Ed (Special English)

(Vetri )Venkateshwara

College Of Education


Thanking Teacher

Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day;

Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for the life time.

Thanking all the teachers, who have transformed our lives for the betterside

Through the medium of Education

V.Dhanvarshini, III A

Aristo Public School


Beloved Teachers

Teacher’s are but Tiny god’s

Teaching –neither a profession

It is a social service rendered

For Enlightening a Hundred

Teachers day is to remember

Let-s shower flowers and greet

On their holy lotus feet.

M.Harisakthi Prasad

Aristo Public School



When god created teachers,

He gave us special guides

To show us ways in which to grow,

So that we can all decide

How to live and how to do

What’s right instead of wrong

To lead us so that we can lead

And learn how to be strong

Why god created teachers

In his wisdom and his grace

Was to help us learn to make our world

A better and wiser place.

S.Dhivya, VIII-B

St.Patrick School


Motherly Teacher

Mother is my life

But you are my role model of life.

Mother is my heart

But you are the knowledge beat of my heart

Mother is my blood

But you are my oxygen

Mother is my power

But you are my knowledge

You are

Loving me

Caring me

Inspiring me

Guiding me

You are all in one.

You are my motherly teacher

I admire you like my mother

Accept my gratitude

S.Sangavi, IX STD

St.Patrick Matriculation

Higher Secondary Schol


About my teacher

My teacher is my role model,

And an open guide for me.

Teacher teach usdiscipline,

And makes our character good.

Teacher corrects our mistakes,

And lead us through the right path

Our teacher loves us,

And I also love my teacher.

J.Ramya, III Std

Century Academy


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