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The Hindu Speaks On Management — Volume II


The management scene in India has been going through profound new orientations ever since the economy was opened up in the early 'Nineties'. New technologies in communications and information apart, there is a growing integration of management practices in India with those which predominate in the industrialised countries. Competition in the business world is itself beckoning Indian managers towards strategies and practices which have made for success in global markets. The interest that the process of globalisation has generated, in India, in new managerial mindsets and techniques is indeed enormous.

'THE HINDU SPEAKS ON MANAGEMENT - VOLUME II' is a compilation of articles which have been published in The Hindu during the past five years, dealing with different facets of the changing world of management . This volume is a sequel to our earlier publication on Management which was brought out in February 1996.

The present volume comprises 65 articles which have been grouped into the following four sections:

Section 1 - Managerial Skills
Section 2 - Strategy
Section 3 - Organisational Issues
Section 4 - Human Resources Development

It is our earnest hope that this Volume II on Management will receive as enthusiastic a response from management practitioners and students alike as our earlier publication on the same subject did.



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