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What is the method of testing for HIV and is it accurate? 111 How are babies preserved in incubators? 112 What is artificial blood? 113 How does blood clot? 115 What is the difference between human and animal blood? 117 What differentiates blood groups? 119 What is the basis behind human blood grouping? 120 How long can we survive without oxygen? 121 Why is the air we breathe out on a cold day visible? 121 Why do people not get cancer in the heart? 122 Why is alcohol used in cough syrups? 123 What causes blood sugar in diabetic patients? How is it initiated? 124 What chemical (in tablets) causes sedation and how does it work? 126 What does ‘Schedule-H drug’ printed on medicine bottles indicate? 127 Why do doctors prescribe some medicines after food and some before food? 128 What is dry eye syndrome? Would it help to have an air purifier in the house? 129 What causes myopia? Can it be cured with the latest medical techniques? 130 What causes common fever? 131 Why do we shiver when it is cold? 132 Does bleeding the patient actually help any medical condition? 133 Why do people get cramps and how does massage help? 134 Will I grow up to be short like my mother or tall like my father? 135 How to beat the heat during summer? 136 What is dandruff? 137 How does antidandruff shampoo work? 138 It is said that we should eat fruit and vegetables and not too much fat. But Inuit eat fat, meat and fish. Why don’t they get heart disease or scurvy? 138 Why do people catch colds and flu more often in the winter? Are viruses transmitted more easily in damp air, is the resistance of the population reduced by the cold and lack of sunlight, or do the viruses simply take advantage of the greater time we spend indoors with each other? 140 Why do doctors check for the pulse and heart beat during consultation? What does it indicate and why is it felt only on the wrist and neck regions? 140 What is atrial fibrillation? 141 What are blue babies? 143 What causes hiccups? 144 Why is vaccination against malaria difficult? 145 Why do moles form on the human body? 147 What is a mole? Do animals have them as well? 149 Sharing a needle is said to spread AIDS virus. Mosquitoes also use a needle like proboscis to suck blood from our body. Therefore will not mosquitoes spread AIDS just as they spread malaria? 149 How does regular physical exercise improve our muscles? 150 Why does nose get blocked while crying? 152 How do pain balms work? 153 What is pain? How is it measured? 154 Why does one perspire after hard work? 155 How does scratching stop itching? 156 Why do we sweat when tense or when overcome by fear? 157 What is a keloid and how do you get one? 158 What causes pimples in teenagers? 159 Why does it itch when a wound starts healing? 160 Why do wounds caused by rusting metal sheets become septic? 160 When applying tincture or dettol on wounds why does one experience a burning sensation? 161 What is colour blindness? How is it caused? 162 Why do we dream? 162 Why do people walk in sleep? 163 Why should we not sleep north-south? 165 Why do we feel sleepy after heavy meals? 166 Why do some people gnash their teeth during sleep? 167 Why do we sneeze? 167 Why don’t we sneeze when we sleep? 167 Do any animals besides people snore? 168 Why do we snore? 168 Why do wisdom teeth emerge later than other teeth? 170 Why does the body temperature rise when we get angry? 170 Why does our temperature go up when we are ill? 171 How does the body normally maintain the temperature at 98 degree Fahrenheit? 173 Why does urine become yellow in colour when we take certain medicines or tonics? 174 Doctors advise us to eat leafy vegetables and tomatoes which contain vitamins and essential nutrients. Accordingly we cook and eat them. My doubt is will not these nutrients be destroyed when we cook them? If so, how else should we eat them? 175 Why does Vitamin B alone occur in a variety? 176 What induces vomiting while swinging? 177 What induces vomiting while travelling or seeing from a height? 177 Why is yawn contagious? 178 How do bacteria develop resistance? 178 What is cloning? 179 Why does voice differ from person to person? 180 How is it that blind men have better listening and feeling capabilities? Is it true that if there is a handicap, other faculties work better? 181

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