Frontline Vol. 19 :: No. 04
February 16 - March 01, 2002

India's National Magazine
from the publishers of THE HINDU


Cover Story
Ayodhya offensive
by Sukumar Muralidharan
Interview: Jana Krishnamurthy
The real agenda on test
by V. Venkatesan
Advani and Ayodhya, a daughter-in-law's charge
by Praveen Swami
Land and legality
by A.G. Noorani
The agreement
Construction and calculations
by Purnima S. Tripathi
Against the law

From terror to politics
The arrest of Aftab Ansari

A question of confidence

The Economy
In search of a stimulus
A case for more public expenditure
by Prabhat Patnaik

Assembly Elections
The churning in Uttar Pradesh
Punjab: Campaign over a canal
Wave of discontent in Uttaranchal
Uncertain in Manipur
The Andipatti roadshow

The States
Jharkhand Governor's exit
Dairy worries in Maharashtra

A study in contrast
Karnataka: Privatising power distribution
A task force and unfinished tasks
Family feuds in Shiv Sena
Sardar Sarovar controversy

World Affairs
Bellicose Bush
Intervention in the Philippines
Undermining peace in West Asia

Israel's colonial war
by Aijaz Ahmad
The opacity of Camp X-Ray
by Vijay Prashad
Central Asian ambitions
Peace moves in Cyprus
Serbian images

For farmers' rights

Land reforms - A creditable record
by Venkatesh Athreya

South Asian meet on ecotourism

The truth about the Lahore Summit
by A.G. Noorani

The Mashelkar Report
The bottleneck
The Supreme Court directives

Election Expenditure
For clean campaigns
Questions over electoral rolls

Enron collapse and power games

A network of influence
The DPC chronicle

Human rights and human development
by C. Raj Kumar

World Economic Forum
A reality check in New York

Tamil Nadu
Cauvery delta farmers' woes

A cover-up game

A winter of fear in Rajasthan

The teenaged champion
by Arvind Aaron

Gender issues
Life and death in Salem
Interview: J. Radhakrishnan, District Collector

K. Natwar Singh: The tiger of snows
R.K. Raghavan: Mapping crime
Praful Bidwai: The other Enrons
Jayati Ghosh: People's carnival at Porto Alegre
C.P. Chandrasekhar: Irrationality as reform

A striking symmetry
review by Sukumar Muralidharan
An uneasy partnership
review by Govind Talwalkar
Economics and values
review by V. Surjit R. Mohan

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