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Wednesday, November 08, 2000

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Contemporary Quotient

Though your job is dependent on the knowledge of your area of functional expertise, it is the interaction with Human Resource Department that really clinches the deal. So on needs to be contemporary with HR concepts and trends.

1. A written statement of jobholder activities is:

a. Job specifications.

b. Job analysis.

c. Job description.

d. Job statement.

2. Apart from money, it motivates employees to excel:

a. Praise

b. Smile

c. More work

d. Food

3. Electronic Performance Support System uses:

a. Computer

b. Artificial Intelligence

c. Information

d. New Skills

4. `On the job training' involves:

a. Job rotation and apprenticeship

b. Lectures

c. Role-play

d. Conference discussion

5. A `happy sheet' in a training programme is:

a. Details of the training.

b. List of the participants in the training.

c. Written test after the training.

d. Participants' reaction to the training.

6. The objective of training needs analysis is to:

a. Decide on training methods.

b. Improve performance.

c. Identify training requirements.

d. Effectively deliver the training.

7. Telecommuting permits:

a. Commuting to workplace

b. Formal wear

c. Flexible hours

d. None of the above

8. Job rotation:

a. Decreases competitive workforce

b. Decreases innovation

c. Decreases production

d. Decreases turnover

9. An important role of a CEO is:

a. Developing objectives

b. Developing strategies

c. Being a chief communicator

d. Developing goals

10. Variable-pay programme is based on:

a. Expectancy theory of motivation.

b. Maslows theory of motivation

c. Goal setting theory of motivation

d. Contingency theory motivation

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