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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

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How to be taken seriously at work

ONE of the most daunting tasks of a budding professional is to be taken seriously by his superiors and colleagues. Today's competitive professional atmosphere demands an ability to communicate forcefully to get your ideas across and remain a player in the field. If you find your ideas are sometimes ignored and others get the credit for your work, it is certainly time to take charge. It is not as impossible or hopeless as it sounds. Just try these tips:

Work hard to achieve results. Do something worthwhile to earn respect. Have a basic knowledge of current events, including politics and sport.

Dress like a professional. Save your fashionable outfits for your days off. Your attire speaks louder than your business skills.

Have lunch and/or coffee with your team.

Present a sharp and confident demeanor. Do not underplay your intelligence

Be friendly with the other managers and find a common ground for work related conversations.

Don't pretend to be shocked at swear words, but do avoid using them.

Have a sense of humour. Share a joke or an anecdote with your colleagues now and then.

Pay the bill at lunch once in a while. Don't calculate just your share when the bill comes - pay the whole thing if it's your turn.

Do not discuss anything overtly personal. Most people are uncomfortable with discussions of this nature.

Don't get emotionally upset at work, unless you're alone.

Do not flirt or ask for opinions and compliments on your personal appearance. Also do not offer unsolicited opinion on your co- workers' wardrobes, hair or personal relationships.

Remember the organisation's goal and why you're on their payroll. Don't try to act like somebody else - just be your best professional self every day.


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