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 Business Development Manager: Chennai
 Designer: Coimbatore/Kuala Lumpur
 Engineer - Process: Bawal (Haryana)
 Engineer - Production - Gear Manufacturing: Bawal (Haryana)
 Facilitator - Manufacturing: Kanchipuram
 Facilitator - Plant Engineering: Kanchipuram
 Instrumentation Engineer: Coimbatore/Kuala Lumpur
 Maintenance Engineer - Electrical: Bawal (Haryana)
 Maintenance Engineer - Electronics: Bawal (Haryana)
 Maintenance Engineer - Mechanical: Bawal (Haryana)
 Mechanical Engineer: Coimbatore/Kuala Lumpur
 Piping Designer: Coimbatore/Kuala Lumpur
 Pro/ENGINEER Trainee: Chennai
 Process Engineer: Coimbatore/Kuala Lumpur
 Project Manager: Chennai
 Project Manager - Water: Chennai
 Project Monitoring Engineer: Chennai
 Sr. Engineer - Electronic Development Cell: Pondicherry
 Sr. Engineer - Process - Forging: Bawal (Haryana)
 Sr. Engineer - Process - Heat Treatment: Bawal (Haryana)
 Sr. Engineer - Process - Tool Design: Bawal (Haryana)
 Sr. Engineer - Procurement: Pondicherry
 Sr. Engineer - Production - Gear Manufacturing: Bawal (Haryana)
 Sr. Engineer - Production - Heat Treatment: Bawal (Haryana)
 Sub Team Leader - Production: Kanchipuram
 Sub Team Leader - QA: Kanchipuram
 Team Leader - Finance: Kanchipuram
 Team Leader - Manufacturing: Kanchipuram
 Team Leader - Marketing - Exports: Kanchipuram
 Team Leader - Marketing - OE: Kanchipuram
 Team Leader - Plant Engineering: Kanchipuram
 Trade Apprentice: Chennai

Finance & Accounts

 Financial Controller: East Africa
 General Manager - Finance: East Africa
 Senior Accounts Officer: East Africa

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