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A B C Consultants Private Limited

 Assistant Hospital Administration: Kerala
 Hospital Administration: Kerala
 Senior Executive - Human Resource Development: Kerala

Al Siraaj International

 Dental Faculty - Community Dental Medicine: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Conservative Dentistry: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Endodontics: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Maxillofacial Surgery: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Operative Dentistry: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Oral Biology: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Oral Histology: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Oral Medicine: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Oral Radiology: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Oral Surgery: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Orthodontics: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Pedodontics: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Periodontics: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Preventive Dental Medicine: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Prosthodontics - Fixed: Libya
 Dental Faculty - Prosthodontics - Removal: Libya

Apollo Hospitals

 Executive - Housekeeping: Chennai
 Maintenance Engineer: Chennai
 Nursing Superintendent: Chennai
 Purchase Officers: Chennai
 Secretarial Officer: Chennai
 Senior Physiotherapist: Chennai
 Stores Officers: Chennai
 Training Officer: Chennai

Arabian Service Company

 Civil Engineer - Site: Saudi Arabia
 Electronic Engineers: Saudi Arabia
 Project Co-ordinator: Saudi Arabia
 Site Supervisor - Civil: Saudi Arabia
 Site Supervisor - Communication: Saudi Arabia
 Site Supervisor - Electrical: Saudi Arabia

Aristo Chemicals

 Area Sales Manager: Jaipur (Rajasthan)
 State Sales Manager: Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Beta Consultancy Services

 Engineer - Electrical: Saudi Arabia
 Engineer - Mechanical: Saudi Arabia
 Engineer - Process Control: Saudi Arabia
 Engineer Hydraulic: Saudi Arabia
 Maintenance Planners - Electrical: Saudi Arabia
 Maintenance Planners - Mechanical: Saudi Arabia
 Specialist - Electrical: Saudi Arabia
 Specialist - Mechanical: Saudi Arabia
 Specialists - Electrical: Saudi Arabia
 Specialists - Mechanical: Saudi Arabia
 Specialists - Process Control: Saudi Arabia

Bharat Hotel

 Manager - F & B: Cochin


 Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Cardiology: Hyderabad
 Para Medical Staff - Nursing Assistant: Hyderabad
 Sr. Medical Officer - Anaethetist: Hyderabad
 Sr. Medical Officer - Gynaecologist: Hyderabad
 Sr. Medical Officer - Orthopaedics: Hyderabad
 Sr. Medical Officer - Pathologist: Hyderabad
 Sr. Medical Officer - Surgeon: Hyderabad

Box No 8893 C/O The Hindu

 Branch Manager: Chennai

Box No HB 8516 C/O The Hindu

 Works Manager: Chennai

Box No HB 8519 C/O The Hindu

 Finance Executive: Ivory Coast/West African Contries
 Sales Executive: Ivory Coast/West African Contries

Box No HB 8526 C/O The Hindu

 Electrical Engineer: Himachal Pradesh
 Plant Consultant: Himachal Pradesh
 Plant Incharge: Himachal Pradesh

Box No HB 8527 C/O The Hindu

 Principal: Chennai

Box No WW 57260 C/O The Hindu

 Mechandisers: Hong Kong
 Sourcing Officer: Dhaka

BTP India Private Limited

 Synthesis Chemists: Chennai

C.R.V. Consultants Private Limited

 Software Professionals - Appln. Programming: Chennai
 Software Professionals - ASSEMBLER: Chennai
 Software Professionals - C: Chennai
 Software Professionals - C++: Chennai
 Software Professionals - Cardpac: Chennai
 Software Professionals - CICS: Chennai
 Software Professionals - COBOL: Chennai
 Software Professionals - Datacom: Chennai
 Software Professionals - DB2: Chennai
 Software Professionals - DSP: Chennai
 Software Professionals - Embedded: Chennai
 Software Professionals - JCL: Chennai
 Software Professionals - MVS: Chennai
 Software Professionals - PL1: Chennai
 Software Professionals - Telecom: Chennai
 Software Professionals - Telecom Domain: Chennai
 Software Professionals - TPF: Chennai
 Software Professionals - Unix Systems: Chennai
 Software Professionals - VSAM: Chennai

Central Electro Chemical Research Institute

 Technical Officer - Electrochemical Instrumentation: Karaikudi

Check and Cash Manpower Consultancy Private Limited

 ASIC Designers - Back End: Bangalore
 ASIC Designers - Front End: Bangalore
 ASM - Marketing: South India
 ASM - Sales: South India
 Medical Transcriptionists: Bangalore
 RSM - Marketing: South India
 RSM - Sales: South India
 RTL Design - Back End: Bangalore
 RTL Design - Front End: Bangalore
 SAP Functional: Bangalore
 SAP Technical: Bangalore
 SO - Marketing: South India
 SO - Sales: South India
 System Software Engineer - C: Bangalore
 System Software Engineer - C++: Bangalore
 System Software Engineer - Linux Internals: Bangalore
 System Software Engineer - OS Internals: Bangalore
 System Software Engineer - Unix Internals: Bangalore
 Verilog - Back End: Bangalore
 Verilog - Front End: Bangalore

Christian Medical College & Hospital

 Bio Medical Engineer: Ludhiana

Colgate Palmolive India Limited

 Sales Territory Supervisor: South India

Consulting Engineering Services (India) Private Limited

 Senior Environmental Engineer: India/Abroad

Country Vacations

 Customer Care Executives: Chennai
 Indoor Sales Consultants: Chennai
 Take Over Manager: Chennai

Cucumber Consultants

 Teacher - Biology: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Chemistry: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Computers: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Dance: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Economics: India/Abroad
 Teacher - English: India/Abroad
 Teacher - French: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Geography: India/Abroad
 Teacher - History: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Mathematics: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Music: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Physical Education: India/Abroad
 Teacher - Physics: India/Abroad

Dhaid Travels

 Instrumentation Engineer: Kuwait
 Junior Instrumentation Foremen: Kuwait
 Senior Instrumentation Foremen: Kuwait

Eureka Forbes Limited

 Sales Executives - Electronic Security Systems: Chennai
 Territory In Charge - Electronic Security Systems: Chennai

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