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Abu Dhabi

 Chef - Arabic
 Chef - Indian
 Chef - International Cuisine
 Electrical Engineer
 House Maid

All over India

 Air Hostesses
 Flight Stewards

Andhra Pradesh

 Project Manager
 Site Engineer-Civil
 Site Engineer-Electrical
 Site In-Charge
 Technical Supervisor-Civil
 Technical Supervisor-Electrical


 Analyst Programmer
 Application Engineer
 Application Technician
 CAD Draughtsman - Systems Engineering Services Centre
 Customer Manager
 Divisional Head
 Engineer - Systems Engineering Services Centre
 Engineer `C' - Civil
 Engineer `C' - Computer Science
 Engineer `C' - Electronics
 Engineer `C' - Mechanical
 Engineer `C' - Optics
 Faculty-Applied mathematics
 Faculty-Computer Science & Engineering
 Faculty-Electrical & Electronics
 Faculty-Electronics & Communication
 Faculty-Information Technology
 Faculty-Mechanical Engineering
 Faculty-Polymer Engineering
 Faculty-Production Engineering
 General Manager - Exports & Imports
 General Manager - Production
 LAB Technician
 Manager - Finance
 Manager - Internal Audit & Systems
 Manager - Production Planning
 Manager - Systems Engineering Services Centre
 Marketing Manager
 Project Manager
 Scientific Officer
 Scientist `C'- Infrared Astronomy
 Scientist `C'- Optical Astronomy
 Scientist `C'- Radio Astronomy
 Senior Customer Engineer
 Senior Network Engineer
 Senior Software Engineer
 Senior Software Engineer
 Software Engineer
 Software Engineer
 Teaching Position


 Application Specialist(BIO Division)


 Reservoir Engineer


 Medical Superintendent


 Administrative Manager
 Analyst Programmer(C++)
 Analyst Programmer(Delphi)
 AS/400 Professional
 Company Secretary
 Customer Support Executive(CSE/DEC/02)
 Education Cousellor
 Faculty-Arithmetic(Full Time/Part Time)
 Faculty-English(Full Time/Part Time)
 Faculty-Pure Maths(Full Time/Part Time)
 Faculty-Reasoning(Full Time/Part Time)
 Lecturer - Anthropology
 Lecturer - Centre for Advanced Study in Botany
 Lecturer - Indian History
 Lecturer - Pathology
 Mainframe Professional
 Manager - Business Development
 Office Manager
 PeopleSoft Consultants - Techno/Functional
 Personnel Manager
 Production Manager
 Project Leader
 QA Professional
 Sales Engineer
 Service Engineer
 Service Executive
 Structural Engineer
 Web Technology Professional


 Application Specialist(Microscopy)
 Application Specialist(Microscopy)
 Sales Engineer(BIO Division)
 Sales Executive(BIO Division)
 Sales Executive(Microscopy,Histology Division)


 Sales Consultant
 Technical Consultant


 Senior Manager-Power Plants


 Marketing Executive


 Head of Department - Computer Science & Engineering
 Head of Department - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
 Head of Department - Electronics & Communication
 Head of Department - Information Technology
 Lecturer - Chemistry
 Lecturer - Civil
 Lecturer - Computer Engineering
 Lecturer - Electronics
 Lecturer - Mathematics
 Lecturer - Mechanical
 Lecturer - Physics
 Technical Assistant


 Assistant Professor - Community Dentistry
 Assistant Professor - Conservative Dentistry
 Assistant Professor - Oral Medicine & Radiology
 Assistant Professor - Oral Pathology
 Assistant Professor - Oral Surgery
 Assistant Professor - Orthodontia
 Assistant Professor - Pedondontia
 Assistant Professor - Periodontia
 Graphic Designer
 Professor - Community Dentistry
 Professor - Conservative Dentistry
 Professor - Oral Medicine & Radiology
 Professor - Oral Pathology
 Professor - Oral Surgery
 Professor - Orthodontia
 Professor - Pedondontia
 Professor - Periodontia


 Neuro Surgeon
 Pediatric Surgeon
 Professor - Obst. & Gyne.
 Professor - Orthopedics
 Professor - Radiology


 Faculty - Accounts
 Faculty - Computer Science
 Faculty - Economics
 Faculty - English
 Faculty - Fashion
 Faculty - Graphics
 Faculty - Human Resource
 Faculty - Interiors
 Faculty - Management
 Faculty - Mathematics
 Faculty - Visual Communication

East/Central Africa

 Estate Manager - Tea

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