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National Events in February 1999

Feb. 1

Mr. Narayan Rane is sworn in 15th Chief Minister of Maharashtra along with 23 Cabinet and 24 State Rank Ministers.

Feb. 2

Centre rolls back recent increase in foodgrains prices for those below the poverty line.

Feb. 10

President approves imposition of President's rule in Goa. He also approves dissolution of the State Assembly paving the way for fresh elections.

Feb. 11

Twelve Dalits are shot dead by the Ranbir Sena in Narayanpar village in Bihar.

Feb. 12

The Centre dismisses the Rabri Devi Government in Bihar and imposes President's rule.

The Orissa Chief Minister, Mr. J. B. Patnaik resigns.

Feb. 13

The Rashtriya Janata Dal president, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav and a host of Ministers of the dismissed Rabri Devi Government are arrested for defying prohibitory orders.

Feb. 15

The RJD-sponsored bandh in protest against the imposition of president's rule in Bihar affects normal life.

Feb. 16

The Indian National Lok Dal leader, Mr. Om Prakash Chauthala, formally announces the withdrawal of support of his party M.P.s in the Lok Sabha to the Vajpayee Government.

Feb. 18

Mr. Giridhar Gamang is sworn in Orissa Chief Minister.

Feb. 20

Mr. Vajpayee travels to Lahore on the inaugural run of the bus between New Delhi and Lahore.

Feb. 21

Mr. Vajpayee and his Pakistani counterpart sign the Lahore Declaration redefining the relationship between the two countries in the post-nuclear situation.

Feb. 25

Railway Budget presented, upper class passenger fares raised, freight charges revised.

Feb. 26

The Government wins vote in Lok Sabha on Central rule in Bihar by 279-250.

Feb. 27

Union Budget presented. Fiscal deficit cut to 4.4 per cent.

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