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International Events in June 1997

1st Jun
Taliban troops repulse offensive in northern Samangan province, inflicting heavy losses on opposition forces.

2nd Jun
French Socialist leader, Mr. Lionel Jospin, wins legislative elections.

3rd Jun
Sixtyfive persons, mainly civilians, killed in Nigerian naval bombardment of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown and in ensuing clashes.

Liberal Party in Canada, led by Mr. Jean Chretien, voted for another term but with reduced majority in House of Commons.

5th Jun
U.N. Security Council extends plan to allow Iraq to sell $2 billion worth of oil for second six-month period to pay for food, medicines and other essentials for civilians.

10th Jun
Several hundred Sri Lankan Tamil rebels and soldiers killed in guerilla-style counter-attack by LTTE on army field headquarters near Vavuniya.

11th Jun
Forces opposed to Taliban capture Pul-E-Khumri, northern stronghold from fleeing soldiers.

13th Jun
The Irish President, Ms. Mary Robinson, named U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.

14th Jun
U.S. Federal jury sentences Gulf war veteran Timothy McVeigh, 29, to death for planning and executing April 1995 Oklahoma city bombing in which 168 persons died.

16th Jun
Rebels free 70 Colombian soldiers and marines after Government agreed to cede temporary control of a swath of territory to insurgents.

17th Jun
British Government calls off further contact with Sinn Fein, IRA's political arm, following killing of two police officers in Northern Ireland.

18th Jun
Notorious Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot surrenders, according to Khmer Rouge radio.

The Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Necmettin Erbakkan, resigns in power-sharing deal with pro-Western coalition allies.

20th Jun
Rebel radio broadcast says Pol Pot has been captured by guerilla comrades-turned enemies.

Conservative party in Britain elects Mr. William Hague (36), leader replacing Mr. John Major.

22nd Jun
U.S., France and Russia reach agreement to toughen sanctions against Iraq.

Hong Kong's provisional Legislature approves Bill that retains residency rights for people, including foreigners, who have lived in the territory for seven years.

Cambodia's Second Prime Minister, Mr. Hun Sen, retracts statement that Pol Pot, said to have been captured by breakaway guerilla faction, is dead.

23rd Jun
China and Britain reach agreement on entry of advance troops of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in Hong Kong before actual handover of Hong Kong on July 1.

25th Jun
Over 200 feared dead in LTTE counter-offensive against Sri Lankan army near Puliyankulam.

26th Jun
Unmanned cargo vessel smashes into Russia's Mir space station during practice docking, knocking out power supply and puncturing part of space station.

27th Jun
Mr. Clinton announces that U.S. will provide developing countries with $1 billion in assistance for eco-schemes.

Government and Opposition leaders of Tajikistan sign peace treaty in Moscow, ending five years of bloody civil war.

29th Jun
Forty LTTE Sea Tigers killed in Sri Lankan navy attack off eastern coast.

30th Jun
Hong Kong reverts to China after 99 years under British rule. It will henceforth be called Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


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