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International Events in January 1998

1st Jan

Mr. Mohammed Rafiq Tarar is sworn in President of Pakistan.

Hutu rebels attack a village and a military camp near the Bujumbura airport in Burundi, killing about 190 persons.

5th Jan

Mr. Daniel Arap Moi is sworn in President of Kenya for a fifth term.

8th Jan

An Islamic terrorist, Ramzi Yousef, is sentenced to life for masterminding the bombing of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, New York, in 1993.

11th Jan

The Sri Lankan army captures Kangarayankulam, near Mankulam, in its ongoing battle with the LTTE.

12th Jan

Armed assailants mow down 103 persons in an overnight attack at Sidi Hameed village near the Algerian Capital Algiers. Seventy others are injured.

13th Jan

Nineteen European nations sign, at a ceremony in Paris, an agreement banning human cloning. Britain and Germany are cool to the plan.

14th Jan

The Prime Ministers of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh come together for a three-nation business summit in Dhaka.

The Economist, Prof. Amartya Kumar Sen, is sworn in new Master of the Trinity College. He is the first Asian to head a Cambridge College.

15th Jan

The Indonesian President, Mr. Suharto, signs a Letter of Intent with the IMF to hasten economic reforms.

16th Jan

A 5,300-year-old mummy, known as Oetzi, is found.

Turkey's highest court bans the Islamic-oriented Welfare Party, while ruling that its leader and former Prime Minister, Mr. Necmettin Erbakan, could not participate in politics for the next five years.

18th Jan

Sinn Fein, political wing of the outlawed Irish Republican Army, rejects a new Anglo-Irish initiative aimed at ending the conflict over Northern Ireland.

22nd Jan

Space shuttle Endeavour with a crew of seven blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S. It is on a nine-day mission to dock with the Russian space station Mir.

25th Jan

At least 14 persons are killed in a bomb explosion in the Sri Lankan hill resort of Kandy.

27th Jan

The former Norwegian Prime Minister, Ms. Gro Harlem Brundtland, is elected Director-General of the World Health Organisation. She is the first woman to head the organisation.

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