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International Events in February 2000

Feb. 1:

Eightyeight people die as an Alaska Airlines jet crashes into the Pacific Ocean, 65 km northwest of the Los Angeles Airport.

Fresh round of multilateral talks on the future of West Asia opens in Moscow.

Feb. 3:

The plane carrying the Pak. Army Chief from Colombo to Karachi on Oct. 12 last year denied landing permission, says the captain deposing as a prosecution witness.

The Palestinian leader, Mr. Yasser Arafat and the Israeli President, Mr. Ehud Barak meet on the Gaza border to hammer out a framework agreement.

New Coalition Government takes office in Austria.

Feb. 4:

EU slaps sanctions on Vienna in protest against the inclusion of the right wing Freedom Party of Mr. Georg Haider in the Government.

Feb. 5:

The Conservative Party expels for five years the best-selling novelist, Lord Jeffrey Archer, forced to drop out of the race for London Mayor after admitting he once asked his friend to lie for him in a libel case.

Feb. 7:

Ms. Tarja Halonen (56) becomes Finland's President.

Bangladesh High Court defers confirming death penalty awarded to 15 former military commanders convicted for the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 25 years ago.

British MPs vote for direct rule in Ulster.

Feb. 8:

Mr. Stipe Mesic (65) wins presidential election in Croatia.

Feb. 9:

The Pakistani Government appoints Mr. Inam-ul-Huque, a career diplomat as Foreign Secretary, replacing Mr. Shamshad Ahmed.

The Austrian Chancellor, Mr. Wolfgang Schuessel's coalition Government wins no-trust vote.

Feb. 11:

Britain announces suspension of Northern Ireland's 72-day-old coalition Government of pro-British protestants and pro-home rule Roman Catholics.

Feb. 12:

Zimbabwean voters reject the new Draft Constitution in a referendum.

Feb. 14:

The Indonesian President, Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid places Gen. Wiranto under `suspension' as the Senior Minister for Politics and Security and installs Mr. Suryadi Sudiya in his place.

Feb. 15:

The Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak defeats a no-confidence motion put forth by Arab Israeli parties in Parliament over retaliatory air strikes in Lebanon.

Feb. 16:

Fiftyseven people die in clashes between LTTE rebels and Government troops in northern and eastern Sri Lanka.

The Irish Republican Army pulls out of talks to determine when it will lay down its weapons.

Feb. 18:

Mr. Stipe Mesic sworn in Croatia President.

Feb. 20:

The U.S. director Paul Thomas Anderson's film Magnolia bags the Golden Bear award at the 50th Berlinale Film Festival.

India-born Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh (52), leader of New Democratic Party sworn in Canada's first Indo-Canadian Premier of British Columbia.

Feb. 23:

The United Nations takes East Timor under its protective wings at a formal ceremony in Dili, the territory's capital.

Carlos Santana bags seven Grammys for his comeback album ``supernatural'' that included ``smooth'', his first No. 1 single. Singer Elton John gets Grammy legend award.

Feb. 24:

Blast in Philippine bus leaves 45 persons dead.

Pope John Paul II arrives in Egypt, beginning a pilgrimage to retrace the steps of Moses.

Feb. 25:

The Taiwan President, Mr. Lee Teng Hui calls China a `hooligan' and upholds his controversial statehood claim in defiance of Beijing's renewed military threats.

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