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International Events in December 2000

Dec. 1:

The Commonwealth of Independent States, barring Turkmenistan form an anti-terrorist centre to fight religious extremism and separation, chiefly in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Mr. Vicente Fox takes office as Mexico's President.

Dec. 5:

The European Union orders a six-month ban on all animal feed products made from the meat and bone of cattle.

Dec. 6:

A Moscow Court slaps 20 years' imprisonment on U.S. businessman, Mr. Edmond Pope found guilty of espionage for illegally obtaining classified blueprints for a high-speed torpedo.

Dec. 7:

Massive protests mar European Union summit in the French resort town of Nice.

The impeachment trial of the Philippines President, Mr. Joseph Estrado begins in the 22-member Senate.

The U.S. President, Mr. Bill Clinton presents America's highest civilian honour, the Presidential medal of freedom to the Myanmarese Nobel laureate, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi.

Dec. 8:

The Russian Parliament nod for reinstating the old Soviet Anthem and the tricolour flag and the double-headed eagle dating from the tsarist times.

Dec. 10:

The Pakistan Government pardons and exiles the former Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif along with 17 of his close family members to Saudi Arabia.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak resigns and says February 6 polls a referendum on peace talks.

The South Korean President, Mr. Kim Dae-Jung receives Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr. Ion Iliescu wins a landslide victory for a third term as Romania's President.

Dec. 11:

The E.U. leaders reach accord on structural reforms as the Nice Summit concludes.

Dec. 12:

Space shuttle Endeavour back right on time after the tryst with the International Space Station.

Dec. 13:

Scientists crack plant gene code, an achievement that could throw open the gates to a new ``green revolution'' of supercrops.

Dec. 14:

The U.S. Vice-President, Mr. Al Gore concedes defeat in the Presidential election. Mr. George Bush to assume office on January 20, 2001.

A two-Judge High Court Division Bench of the Bangladesh Supreme Court in a split verdict in the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman assassination case acquits five of the 15 accused military officers sentenced to death by a trial court in 1998.

Russia pardons and frees U.S. businessman, Mr. Edmond Pope jailed on espionage charges.

Dec. 15:

Ukraine shuts down the infamous Chermobyl nuclear power station, site of the world's worst nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986.

Dec. 15:

Rival Protestant paramilitary groups in northern Ireland agree to cease fire.

The Cape High Court rules out amnesty for lifers Clive Derby- Lewis and Janusz Walubs in the April 1993 killing of the ANC leader, Chris Hani.

Dec. 16:

The U.S. President-elect, Mr. George Bush nominates Gen. Colin Powell the new Secretary of State.

Dec. 17:

Mr. Mirko Sarvic, leader of the Nationalist Serb Democratic Party, new Bosnian Serb President.

Ms. Condoleezza Rice, new U.S. National Security Adviser and the first woman to hold the post.

Dec. 18:

The U.S. electoral college confirms the election of Mr. George W. Bush as President.

Dec. 19:

The U.N. Security Council by a 13 to 2 vote imposes harsh new sanctions on the Taliban Government of Afghanistan.

British Parliament nod for research on human embryos.Dec. 21:

The LTTE declares a month-long unilateral ceasefire from December 24 to January 24, 2001.

Dec. 22:

Seventysix persons, including army personnel and LTTE militants die as Colombo launches a two-pronged attack over land and the Jaffna lagoon.

The West agrees to forgive loans to 22 of the world's poorest countries, all in Africa and Latin America.

Dec. 24:

The Yugoslav President's Mr.Vojislav Kostonaica's supporters win more than a two-thirds majority in Serbian Parliamentary polls.

Dec. 25:

At least 309 Christmas revellers die in a blaze at a shopping centre in Luoyang city, Henan province of China.

Dec. 27:

Russia resurrects Soviet anthem with new lyric.

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