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International Events in November 2001

Nov. 1:

The Georgian President, Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze fires his entire Cabinet.

A transitional government under the President, Mr. Pierre Buyoya, is sworn in in Burundi in which both Hutus and Tutsis share power.

Nov. 2:

The U.S. Justice Department and the Microsoft, announce a settlement to end the long anti-trust case that bars exclusive agreements for the software giant's products.

Nov. 5:

The ASEAN summit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, okays a separate ASEAN-India meeting and the leaders reject ``any attempt'' to link terrorism with any ``religion or race''.

Nov. 6:

India and Russia sign a new Moscow delcaration on ``international terrorism'', during the Putin-Vajpayee summit in Kremlin. A deal for construction of a nuclear power plant in Koodankulam, is also signed.

Nov. 7:

India and Russia agree to jointly develop a fifth-generation strike aircraft at the conclusion of the Prime Minister, Mr. A.B. Vajpayee's visit to Moscow.

The British Airways' supersonic airliner, Concorde, returns to the skies after last July's Paris crash that left over 100 dead.

Nov. 8:

Indian writer Arundhati Rai is selected as this year's recipient of the $ 68,500 prize of the World Academy of Culture for her commitment to human rights.

Nov. 9:

The U.S. and India make common cause in the fight against terrorism after the Vajpayee-Bush summit, in Washington.

Nov. 10:

The Australian Prime Minister, Mr. John Howard, is swept back to power for a historic third term, in general elections.

Environment and Energy Ministers of 165 countries approve the 1997 Kyoto Protocol aimed at stopping global warming, after 19 hours of haggling, in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Every nation is a potential target of terrorism and civilisation itself is under threat, says the U.S. President, Mr. George W. Bush, at the 56th session of the U.N. General Assembly.

Nov. 11:

China and Taiwan enter WTO, after signing the accession agreement.

Nov. 12:

Two hundred and fifty five people die after an American jetliner Airbus A 300 on its way to the Dominican Republic, crashes moments after takeoff from the John F. Kennedy Airport, in the Rockaway section of the borough of Queens, in the south eastern part of New York City.

Princess Prekhsya Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah, wife of Nepali Prince Dhirendra who died in the royal palace massacre, is killed after her helicopter crashes in Rara lake in Mugu district, about 500 km west of Kathmandu.

The Bangladesh Foreign Minister, Mr. Badruddoza Chowdhury is elected the nation's 13th President.

Nov. 13:

Northern Alliance fighters capture Afghanistan's capital Kabul, as the Taliban abandons the city.

The WTO's Doha ministerial conference hammers out an agreement to soften TRIPS provisions.

Nov. 14:

The WTO meet in Doha ends with Ministers from 142 countries drawing the ``Doha Development Agenda'' for new trade liberalisation talks.

The U.S. slaps a $ 7.5 million fine on the SBI for violation of banking laws and failure to maintain accurate records.

Nov. 16:

Ms. Agbani Darego of Nigeria, is named `Miss World 2001' at the beauty pageant in Sun City, South Africa.

Nov. 18:

Mr. Georgi Parvanov, becomes Bulgaria's first leftist President elected by direct vote, defeating the incumbent centre-right President, Mr. Petar Stoyanov.

Nov. 19:

The Philippine Supreme Court deals a serious blow to the ousted President, Mr. Joseph Estrada, ruling that the plunder law he is accused of violating is constitutional.

The Sri Lankan police arrest Pushpakumara, the main coordinator of the attack on the Katunayake airport, from a house in Negombo, a fishing town close to the airport.

Nov. 20:

Britain and Spain resume talks on the future of Gibraltar, a British controlled colony on Spain's southern tip.

The U.S. Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell announces a new U.S. peace mission to end the 14 months of violence in West Asia, in a speech at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.

Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, lifts ban on women's employment and the mandatory `burqa', also makes its way out.

Nov. 21:

Denmark's longest-serving social democrat Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Nyrup Rasmussen quits post after losing the general elections and a landslide victory by the centre-right Opposition parties.

The former Argentine President, Mr. Carlos Menem, is freed from house arrest after the Supreme Court clears him of charges he had led an illicit arms smuggling ring while in office.

Nov. 23:

The U.N. War Crimes Tribunal charges the former Yugoslav President, Mr. Slobodan Milosevic with genocide in Bosnia.

Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, head of the military wing of Hamas, is killed after his van is hit by missiles fired by an Israeli Helicopter, in West Bank.

Nov. 25:

A U.S. company based in Worcester, Massachusetts, clones a human embryo in a breakthrough experiment.

Nov. 28:

Mr. Tommy Suharto, fugitive son of the former Indonesian dictator Gen. Suharto on the run since November 2000, is held in Jakarta.

Nov. 30:

Eightyone Maoist rebels are killed by the Nepalese army in Salyan district, 500 km west of Kathmandu.

The Afghan Northern Alliance restores the judicial system developed in the 1970s under former President, Mr. Mohammed Daud Khan.

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