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Obituary Events in 2002

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Jan 1 Gamini Athukorale, Sri Lankan Minister of Transport, Highways and Civil Aviation, of a heart attack in Ratnapura, south-central Sri Lanka. Full Story
Pramila Dandavate (73), prominent champion of human rights, in New Delhi after a massive heart attack. Full Story
Jan 2 Anil Agarwal (54), renowned environmentalist, in Dehra Dun, of leukaemia.
Jan 4 Prof. Satish Dhawan (82), former ISRO chairman and space scientist, in Bangalore. Full Story
Jan 12 Cyrus Vance (84), former U.S. Secretary of State in the Jimmy Carter administration, at a hospital in New York.
Jan 20 R. N. Kao (84), founder-chief of RAW, of old age in New Delhi. Full Story


Feb 9 Britain's Princess Margaret (71), younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, in King Edward VII Hospital, after a stroke. Full Story
Feb 15 Ke Pauk (72), former Khmer Rouge military chief and a leading figure in Cambodia's 1970s "killing fields" regime, in Anlong Veng northern Cambodia, of natural causes.
Feb 21 Jagpravesh Chandra (89), the grand old man of Delhi politics, in New Delhi. Full Story
Feb 22 Chuck Jones (89), creator of such cartoon characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig, at his home in Newport Beach, in the U.S. Full Story
Feb 27 Spike Milligan (83), comedian and the last surviving member of The Goon Show, of liver failure at his home in Rye, on the southeast coast of London.


Mar 4 K. V. Raghunatha Reddy (78), former Governor of West Bengal and Tripura, in New Delhi after a brief illness. Full Story
Mar 27 Dudley Moore (66), British-born actor and comedian, who starrted in "10" and "Arthur", after a long battle against a rare brain disease, at his home in New Jersey. Full Story
Mar 28 Tikka Khan, former Pakistan Army Chief, once known as the "Butcher of Bangladesh", in Rawalpindi. Full Story
Mar 29 Director Willy Wilder (95), the first filmmaker to win three Oscars in a year ("The Apartment" in 1960), at his Beverly Hills home.
Mar 30 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (101), in her sleep at the Royal Lodge. Full Story

Apr 6 Manohar Rajaram Chhabria (56), the Dubai-based Indian business tycoon, of a heart attack, in a Mumbai hospital. Full Story
Apr 12 Kondapalli Seetharamaiah (87), veteran communist leader and PWG founder, in Vijayawada. Full Story
Apr 20 Sarvepalli Gopal (78), historian and son of the former President, S. Radhakrishnan, at a private hospital in Chennai following renal failure. Full Story
Apr 28 Ruth Handler (85), who created Barbie, the world's most popular doll, at a hospital, in Los Angeles, of complications from colon surgery she underwent three months ago.


May 3 M. S. Oberoi (103), chairman of the Oberoi Group, in New Delhi, after a brief illness. Full Story
B. P. Sinha (85), prominent historian who discovered the ancient Vikramashila University in Bhagalpur, after a protracted illness, in Patna. Full Story
Baroness Barbara Castle (91), hailed as Labour's "Red Queen" and U.K.'s first Iron Lady, in her sleep, in London. Full Story
May 4 Yevgeni Svetlanov (74), pianist and conductor, highly decorated during the Soviet period, in his Moscow apartment after a long illness.
May 10 Kaifi Azmi (82), well-known Urdu poet, in Mumbai after prolonged illness. Full Story
May 18 S. L. Shakdher (83), former CEC and former Secretary-General, Lok Sabha, in New Delhi, after a brief illness. Full Story
May 19 Nasikrao Tirpude (85), veteran Congressman who championed the cause of a separate Vidarbha State, in Mumbai. Full Story
Stephen Jay Gould (60), American evolutionist theorist (punctuated equilibrium), in New York, of a rare form of cancer.
May 27 Iqbal Singh Gulati (79), leading economist and planner, in Thiruvananthapuram, battling cancer. Full Story
May 29 Herbert Johnson (104), one of the last living rescuers of survivors from the Titanic, after slipping into a coma.


Jun 5 Murugesu Sivasithamparam (79), president of the Tamil United Liberation Front, at the Colombo National Hospital, after a brief illness. Full Story
Jun 7 Basappa Danappa Jatti (89), former Vice-President and acting President, at the Mahavir Jain Hospital, Bangalore. Full Story
Jun 11 Dr. T. N. Khooshoo (75), eminent environmentalist and one of the main architects of the Ganga Action Plan, at NOIDA, UP, after a prolonged illness.
Jun 28 Dev Dutt Shastri (84), AIFB Chairman, in New Delhi. Full Story


Jul 6 Dhirubhai Ambani (70), Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., at the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. Full Story
Jul 9 Rod Steiger (77), the burly Hollywood actor who portrayed a procession of real life characters, in a Los Angeles hospital after pneumonia and kidney failure. Full Story
Jul 12 Mani Krishnaswami (72), eminent Carnatic vocalist and Padma Shri awardee, in Chennai following a heart attack. Full Story
Jul 19 Alexander Ginzburg (65), Russian writer and a leading dissident during the Soviet era, of cancer in Paris.
Jul 28 N. K. Ranganath (77), popularly known as Ranga, cartoonist, of a massive heart attack, in Bangalore. Full Story


Aug 31 Lionel Hampton (94), Vibraphone Virtuoso and a great name in jazz history, in New York.


Sep 1 B. V. Karanth (73), "missionary" director, actor and musician, at a private hospital in Bangalore after prolonged illness. Full Story
Priya Tendulkar (42), noted actress and daughter of renowned playwright Vijay Tendulkar after cardiac arrest, at her residence in Mumbai. Full Story
Sep 24 P. R. Pisharoty (93), known as the father of Indian Remote Sensing, in Pune.
Sep 30 Raunaq Singh (79), eminent industrialist, of a heart attack in New Delhi. Full Story


Oct 6 Prince Claus (76), German-born husband of the Netherlands Queen Beatrix, of Parkinson's disease, in Amsterdam.
Oct 25 Richard Harris (72), British actor, of cancer in London. Full Story
Oct 27 Vazhapadi K. Ramamurthy (62), Congress veteran and former Union Minister, in Chennai after a cardiac arrest. Full Story


Nov 18 James Coburn (74), the tough-guy actor in films that included 'Our Man Flint' and 'The Magnificent Seven', of a heart attack at his home in Beverly Hills.


Dec 1 Abu Abraham (78), political cartoonist at a private hospital, in Thiruvananthapuram.
Dec 5 Gen. Ne Win (91), Myanmar's former military dictator under house arrest in his lakeside villa, in Yangon.
Dec 11 Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala (82), noted jurist, at the Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai after protracted illness. Full Story

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