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Thursday, November 29, 2001
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Crossing a milestone mired in controversy
Human therapeutic cloning can produced by two methods. In parthenogenesis egg cell is activated without being fertilized by a sperm cell. The activated egg cell forms a preimplantation embryo and the resulting stem cells are differentiated into the t ype of tissue. The other method is cell nuclear transfer or cloning to form preimplantation embryos. In this instance, human egg cells are prepared by removing their DNA and adding the DNA from a human somatic (body) cell. More

Precise semiconductors
SLICED INTO almost paper-thin discs called wafers, semiconductors hold the circuitry that receives, transmits and processes information. More
Tandem gamma scanner
HOW RADIATION interacts with matter on a submicroscopic level is well understood. The effect of collision between a gamma ray and an atom can be three possible events as photoelectric effect, pair production and Compton scattering. "Compton ... More
Stuck song syndrome and the cinnamon bark
HOW MANY times have you caught yourself humming a tune while ironing clothes, washing kitchen dishes, or some chore that is rather mechanical? More often than not, you do not realise that you are humming, and it is someone who tells you to stop ... More
Nanocomputing: The next wave
THE INVENTION of Germanium transistor way back in June 1946 was the starting point of microelectronics technology. In late 1960s a thinking that integrated circuit can act as brain to different products gained ground resulting in the birth of ... More
Speeding up application of human genome draft
A SMALL team of scientists has improved "gene chip" technology. It is a practical method for determining the sequence of genetic building blocks. The advance, likely to speed the search for disease-related genetic changes, is reported in the ... More
DNA biochip for genetic screening
The chip is imbedded with DNA molecules instead of electronic circuitry. It is designed to probe a biological sample for genetic information that indicates whether the person has a genetic predisposition for certain diseases. More
Women recognise faces better
WOMEN BEAT men hands down when it comes to recognising faces, according to an Internet based experiement conducted in Sweden. Researchers at Halmstand University approached 10,000 people via e-mail, asking them to take part in an online ... More
Left handed family members' better episodic memory
DOES COMING from a family full of ``lefties'' tend to make a person better at remembering events? The data from two recent experiments answer in the affirmative. What's more, psychologists may finally be able to explain why kids don't remember ... More
Handheld ECG: stethoscope of the future
IN CLINICS of the future, small handheld echocardiography machines will be used to quickly screen patients' hearts for structural abnormalities. The smaller machines can detect heart abnormalities needing further attention, even when used by ... More
Garlic fights malaria and cancer
A GROUP of compounds commonly found in garlic may not only an effective treatment for malaria, the mechanism by which they inhibit the infection appears to be similar to the mechanism they use to fight cancer cells. Researchers from the ... More
Mini motor for micromedical applications
WHILE THE age of nanobots is not with us yet, a tiny, inexpensive motor with simple circuitry and easy manufacture, may become the motive force in micromedical applications in the near future, according to a Penn State engineer. The smallest ... More
High yielding tamarind for the semi-arid tropics
THE TAMARIND (Tamarindus indica) is a hardy tree well adapted to the semi-arid tropics. This economically important tree is ideal for farm-forestry in the drought-prone regions. It is popularly referred to as indian dates. The ... More
Cucurbits in rainfed coconut grove
INTERCROPPING IN the coconut plantation is practised for additional income. The choice of intercropping depends upon the age of the main crop, soil type and duration of the intercrop and suitability. Intercropping in coconut is recommended in ... More
Zinc deficiency in sunflower
ZINC IS a trace element which is required for normal plant growth. Use of straight fertilizers and non-inclusion of organic manures, has reduced humus content thereby leading to trace elements deficiency. Zinc deficiency in the plant shows the ... More

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