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Thursday, December 27, 2001
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Boost to aircraft guidance system
The storage ring is able to confine and guide the flow of ultra-cold neutral atoms in a circular path. It uses magnetic fields from tiny electrical wires to direct low-energy atoms, marking a step toward `atom fibre optics' that could ultimately do f or ordinary uncharged atoms what optical fibre has done for light. More

Thanks for the (random) memory!
Random Access Memory, a cheap, but crucial part of a computer's hardware, is in the throes of a major shakeup. Anand Parthasarathy reports on an imminent technology option, Double Data Rate which may force PC buyers to make some choices when c onfiguring their new machines. More
Particulate matter affects lung development in kids
WHEN CHILDREN living under polluted, hazy skies move away to communities with cleaner air, their lungs begin to grow more quickly, according to a study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Preventive medicine researchers ... More
Insight into how plastics harden
A TEAM of University of Massachusetts polymer scientists has challenged a longstanding theory regarding how plastics harden, perhaps offering scientists finer control over the flexibility or rigidity of specially produced plastics. The ... More
Random noise reveals internal structure
BY PICKING up tiny vibrations of thermal energy that exist naturally in all objects, researchers at the University of Illinois have performed ultrasonic measurements without using a source. As reported in Physical Review Letters, UI ... More
Probing spin structure of protons
THE NEWEST and largest particle accelerator at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory is taking a break from recreating the conditions of the early universe to investigate another fundamental question that has puzzled ... More
Chemicals in flower signal insects
WHEN SOME insects zero in on a flower for nectar, their ultraviolet vision is guided by a bull's-eye ``painted'' on the plant by chemical compounds. Now, chemical ecologists at Cornell University have discovered a second job for these ... More
Southern ocean iron may have come from depths
INCREASES IN plant life in the Southern Ocean is associated with increases in iron, which acts as a fertilizer, in the ocean water, say scientists. This `Iron Hypothesis' was put forward a decade ago by scientists. Iron is usually in short ... More
Musicians, artists prone to cubital tunnel syndrome
THE RIGORS encountered by performing artists are similar to those endured by professional athletes. They each undertake a vigorous regimen of training and conditioning, often eight to ten hours of practice daily. ``Musicians and other ... More
Corn yields polypropylene glycol
AN INDUSTRIAL chemical found in antifreeze, de-icing fluids, and liquid detergents could soon stand alongside animal feeds, sweeteners and cooking oil as a commercial product made from corn. Randy Cortright and James Dumesic, chemical ... More

Limiting sperm motility for contraception
AN ION channel protein that plays a central role in sperm motility could be an enticing target for a new type of contraceptive that could be taken by either men or women to block the process of fertilization. The newly discovered protein, called ... More
Light controls body's circadian clock
THE FIRST glimpses of how the body's circadian clock, a tiny cluster of nerve cells behind the eyes— sends out the signals that control natural daily rhythms has been obtained by Harvard Medical School researchers. The newly discovered ... More

Large sapota variety for arid tracts
AMONG THE sapota varieties, the large-fruit `Cricket Ball' is a promising variety reigning supreme for the last three decades. This variety produces larges globular fruits of 8-10 cm in diameter. Each fruit weighs between 100 g and 150 ... More


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