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Treatment, Tibetan style

The Tibetan system of medicine has its adherence in the city, says SANGEETH KURIAN

LOCATED ON 92, Harrington Road is a nondescript, multi-storeyed building from where Dorjee Rapten Neshar administers treatment to numerous patients for various lifestyle and chronic ailments.

A practitioner of Tibetan Medicine, a system where medical science and spirituality meet to offer holistic treatment, for 15 years, Neshar based at the Tibetan Medical Centre (TMC ) Bangalore, claims to have successfully treated patients suffering from cardio vascular and psychosomatic diseases, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and even cancer.

It was the faith reposed in this system by a patient from Chennai, Col. P.S. Gopalachari, that led to the formation of a medical centre here. His belief in the system stems from a personal experience. In 1996, Gopalachari was diagnosed as suffering from cancer of the thyroid and lymph glands and was advised to undergo surgery. Eventually the thyroid gland was removed. However, the surgery failed to check the cancer, which had affected the lymph glands. Gradually it began to spread to other parts of the body and undergoing further operations became complicated. "At one stage, I was asked to undergo four surgeries, including open heart surgery, failing which I would not live for four months. It was then that I learnt about Tibetan Medicine from a family friend. Ever since, I have been able to lead a healthy life, he says." CT scans taken in 2001 and 2002 also appear to show the improvement in his condition.

"Treatment in Tibetan Medicine is not confined to dispensing medicines (mostly herbal pills). It also helps patients understand the meaning of life and its challenges through spiritual awakening," claims Neshar. In fact, the essence of this system, believed to have been taught by the Buddha in his manifestation as the Medicine Buddha, revolves round four fundamental sufferings - birth, sickness, old age and death.

"Diseases are considered to be a reflection of one's suffering. And for ailments like cancer and certain skin problems, which do not respond to any treatment, purification from karma is essential in this system. This includes prayer and performing rituals and good deeds such as saving the lives of animals and birds."

Started in 1997, the TMC centre on Harrington Road, currently provides consultation and treatment to over 200 patients in the city for three days every month. "We are looking for a sponsor to assist us in setting up a permanent clinic in the city," says Gopalachari.

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