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Tamil Nadu - Chennai

Day One sets the pace for mega tech fest

Meera Srinivasan

Industry-defined problem highlight of first day at IIT-M's Shastra 2005

CHENNAI: Over 1000 students, 15 events, lectures and demonstrations -- Day One at `Shaastra 2005' at the Indian Institute of Technology, set the pace for the remaining three days of the mega technical fest organised by IIT-M. The highlight of Day One was the `Industry Defined Problem' event. A set of six problems identified by industry was put up on a few weeks ago. Contestants from various colleges had sent their preliminary solutions via e-mail. General Electric John F Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), Bangalore short-listed eight teams for the finals held on Thursday. `Bend it like Murali - Flex detection system', `Wiperless wiping of automotive windshields', `Molecular transport', `Artificial nose with smell memory', `Cooling costumes' and `Walk-video' were the topics on which the problems were based.Arun Manohar and Varun V of IIT-M bagged the first place. The second place went to Gowri Shankar of PSG College, Coimbatore while Abhinav and Arnav of IIT-M came third.

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