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Emphasis on values

Encouraging teachers through cash incentives and increments is the key to motivating them, says Prof. P. S. Appaiah, Chairman, Sree Cauvery School.

Prof. P.S. Appaiah.


Speaking to the Young World on the various issues related to education, Prof. Appaiah said that incentives are important to recognise the services of teachers as they strive day in and day out to create upright citizens of the country. "Teachers sacrifice their lives for the bright future of students and encouragement in any form would make them stretch their efforts further," says Prof. Appaiah. Teachers need to be motivated and provided opportunities to upgrade skills and knowledge. New teaching methodologies have to be adopted to improve the standard of teaching, he says.

Sree Cauvery School was started with a laudable objective of providing educational opportunities for children regardless of social, religious and economic status. The students are inspired to cultivate the ability of making student life worthwhile by emphasising on values and excellence.

Novel plan

The school is planning to introduce a "sharing system" in which "the haves will be sharing with the have-nots" from the next academic year. The school would identify poor students and students from a wealthy background would sponsor their lunch. "Some wealthy parents are interested in helping poor students. Their children would be told to bring additional lunch boxes and without disclosing their identity, the poor students would be asked to have their lunch during break time," explains Prof. Appaiah.

Admonishing students when they go astray is as important as appreciating them when they do good deeds, he points out and recounts his experience. "I received a complaint that one of our students was not attending school and was spending time in a nearby park. I myself went to the park and saw him smoking. I called the student to my chamber and told him that what he was doing was not right and he is ruining his life. I kept a constant watch on him and regularly talked to him. The boy realised his mistake and did well in SSLC exams. He is now studying in a prestigious Bangalore college," says Prof. Appaiah with a bright smile.

Overcoming problems

On the spate of suicides in recent days, Prof. Appaiah says that sensitive students resort to this extreme step. He says that societal reaction to situations must change. Negative peer comments too can precipitate the decision. "We can prevent students from committing suicide through counselling. Do not condemn any individual in front of others. Make the individuals realise their mistakes, tell them which path they can take to reach their goal," Prof. Appaiah adds.


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