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Reflection of society


`Achanurangatha Veedu' takes a hard look at some of the ills that are plaguing society.

GIVING DIRECTIONS: Lal Jose, left, on the sets of `Achanurangatha Veedu.'

A modest little house in the midst of tea plantations in mist-clad Peerumedu gives an inkling of the melancholy in the minds of the residents.

"Welcome to `Achanurangatha Veedu,"' smiles director Lal Jose, as he opens the door of the house. The shooting of the movie is going on there.

Salim Kumar, who has made his mark as a comedian, appears in an entirely different avatar - as the protagonist, Samuel, an employee of the Irrigation Department who is on the verge of retirement.

"Although Samuel is a Christian, he was never really included in the fold by certain sections in the community as he was a recent convert. His wife had died earlier and he had pinned all his hopes on his three daughters. His eldest daughter, Treesa (Suja Karthika), is married to a driver. Harisree Asokan enacts the role of the drunkard driver, Johnykutty. Samuel's second daughter Sherly (Samvritha Sunil) is in love with her cousin. However, as Christians frown upon marriage between first cousins, things take a tragic turn. Samuel wants his youngest daughter, Lisamma (debutant Muktha) to be a doctor. But the Plus Two student does not return home in the evening. The issues that ensue is the focus of the story," says Lal Jose.

Showing reality

Babu Janardhanan, the scriptwriter, agrees that the film is "influenced by some serious happenings that we witness around us in society. While sensationalising those issues, we never spare a thought to how all these will affect those involved in the tragic events. The film attempts just that." Salimkumar feels that Samuel's apathetic attitude reflect those of many people we see around us.

One of the songs in the film has been in the news and speculations are rife whether it shows some sections in a poor light. Lal Jose is quick to dismiss such rumours.

"We have dealt with some highly realistic subjects, but our attempt is genuine and will not hurt anyone," says he. Lal Jose believes that films should never preach, "But this film definitely is a wake-up call for society."

When the whole industry was vying to work with him after the whopping success of `Chanthupottu,' why did he decide to go ahead with this film?

"We have been thinking about this film for sometime now. It was the success of `Chanthupottu' that gave me the courage to take up a realistic film."


Muktha Elsa George is thrilled by the whole experience. The Class Eight student from Kothamangalam says, ""I wish to pursue acting if I get the right kind of homely roles."

The film also stars Murali, Prithviraj, Indrajit and Madhu Warrier.

"Though my character only lasts for a couple of scenes in the film, I am really excited to be a part of such a venture," says Prithviraj.

`Achanurangatha Veedu' is being produced under the banner of Griha Mithra productions. Lyrics are by Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma and music by Alex Paul. Manoj Pillai, who belongs to the Santosh Sivan school, wields the camera. The film is slated to hit the theatres in the second week of January.

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