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Science fiction thriller


`Athishayan,' said to be the first of its kind in Malayalam cinema, is being readied for an Onam release.

AMAZING TEAM: Kavya Madhavan plays guardian to a group of children.

The laboratory was crammed with test tubes, pipettes, burettes and beakers containing various coloured liquids.

A corpse lying in a glass coffin, skeletons hanging in the corner, and a microscope on the table create the perfect `scientist's den.'

Science fiction

This is the setting of director Vinayan's science fiction thriller, `Athishayan,' which the director feels is a first in Malayalam cinema.

The hero of the film is a six-year-old orphan boy. The role is played by Devadas, son of actor Ramu.

Maya, played by Kavya Madhavan, brings him up along with a few other orphans.

A TV reporter, Maya, unveils a scam involving some high profile politicians. She is abducted and in a frantic bid to rescue her, the six-year-old breaks into a scientist's laboratory.

Jackie Shroff, who makes his debut in Malayalam films, dons the role of the scientist.

Inside the laboratory, the boy drinks a potion concocted by the scientist, and becomes invisible. The story picks up from here. The boy succeeds in saving Maya but finds that the potion has an adverse effect on him.

According to Vinayan, the boy in the film is known as `Athishayan,' which can be roughly translated as an `amazing person.'

The reason why it is called so is a closely guarded secret, which the director wants to be revealed only on screen.

At the location a crucial scene is being canned. Cinematographer Rajaratnam, mounts a trolley for better visuals.

The next scene requires Devadas to drop a beaker. Associate director Ashok Pandalam shows him how to do it without actually breaking it.

The beaker however, slips from Devadas' fingers and breaks. The take is perfect as the unit breaks into laughter.

A few more shots and the unit shifts to an outdoor location in Panampily Nagar. Produced by Gokulam Gopalan, under the banner of Sree Gokulam movies, the cast also has Jayasoorya in a significant role.

The story and screenplay is by Vinayan, while the dialogues are by Sunil K. Anand. Lyrics by Vayalar Saratchandra Varma and Prabha Varma are set to music by Alphons.

Shiji Pattanam (art direction), Indrans Jayan (costumes) Pattanam Shah (make up), Soorya Peter (stills) and Rajan Philip (production controller) are some of the others behind the venture.

The movie is slated to be released for Onam.

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