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Tamil Nadu - Chennai

At IIT, Junkyard War is an auto building contest

Staff Reporter

Challenge: transport for one over 50 m in the fastest time possible

CHENNAI : The Junkyard War is on at IIT-Madras. A new event at Shaastra, IIT's technical cultural festival, it had participants rummaging feverishly through the junkyard near Nandini Café.

The challenge was to create an automobile that can carry one person over 50 m in the fastest time possible.

Over 200 teams tried their luck in the written preliminary round. Six were chosen, with 3-4 members in each.

Sachin, a second year student at IIT, who is co-ordinator for the event, said that the other Junkyard Wars were mostly elaborate puzzles that need ingenuity and creativity. "But this automobile building competition is a first," he said.

"It is dangerous. There is petrol involved. Besides these are students who may feel pressure to hurry things. So we have to be careful," said Sachin.

Anubhav and Rakesh, who are part of one of the four IIT teams, are busy working on their project. They said it is not just for mechanical engineering students, but anyone with a basic knowledge of engineering.

The competition culminates in a race on Sunday morning that will decide the winning `automobile.'

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