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For Gen-Y

Steelcase, which caters to the office furniture industry, has marked the renovation of its Steelcase WorkLife Bangalore showroom with an exclusive preview of its new ‘Manifesto' and ‘Lexicon' furnishing systems. These were designed specifically for Gen-Y workers now entering the workforce in large numbers in India and other Asian regions. Steelcase also marked the opening with Think Art, an “art meets chair” theme exhibition featuring inspired works by leading designers and artists in India.

Says an executive from Steelcase, “The development of the new Manifesto and Lexicon ranges grew out of insights gained from recent human-centered research conducted by Steelcase to explore the changing ways of working and workplace needs of Generation Y and the current-day workers in India.” Steelcase's research revealed that work styles, new work-life demands and increasing workspace density are all contributing to changing the way systems and storage in the workplace are planned and used.

It is a complete system solution with an extensive menu of elements. It supports three-dimensional space management to enable the creation of complete workplaces that facilitate individual and team work in a variety of settings. Manifesto applies five key design principles to make the best possible use of space, helping individuals work the way they like.

Lexicon makes it easy to create a variety of applications for both individual and collaborative work, with simple solutions for every requirement, from benches to desks to panel configurations and tables, using the same range of components and elements. It helps balance tasks and enables collaborative teamwork and personalisation of individual workspaces.

“Steelcase invited a number of top Indian designers and artists to expand the concept of seating, with highly individual interpretations of their ‘think chairs' and the event featured the reinterpreted “think chairs blending the perfect balance of design aesthetic and functionality,” said Uli Gwinner, President, Steelcase Asia Pacific.

Gwinner also said, Generation Y being the dominant force, Steelcase has just strengthened its India strategy by developing more Gen-Y products to highlight the core concept of ‘you are unique, you are the future.'

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