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Dedicated to my friends and teachers ...

He stands on the threshold of a new life looking back on all that has happened in the last few years. A moment of nostalgia for Jishnu as he bids goodbye to his friends and teachers.

Well...the day has come, the end is drawing near. We have many a shared experience in the past 10+ years... , You and I ...had both good and bad experiences. Today I am back at home after the last class of our academic year . . . Well...this is my 10th standard and many of us will be definitely going to different schools (that's very hard to accept . . . . . . . . . )

Let me talk about my school. Our campus is located in a very fine natural environment. It is a school with the most loving and caring teachers. Whatever others may say, we feel ours is the best school. This is the place where I studied from 1999. This is the place where I developed my character. This is the place where I became a man. This is the place which transformed a five-year old boy to a 16- year old. This is the place where I studied for 11 years. This is the place where I learnt ‘Humpty Dumpty' and Julius Caesar and this is my school . . .

Big dialogue ...huh ?

Well ...that's not my aim here…I just wanted to write it all out and convey something to my teachers and friends, but when I began writing my mind went blank

Today was a great day. We went and got the blessings from our teachers. We shared autographs and we rejoiced with each other . . . but we were very sad too.

In the past 12 years — from LKG to Std. X we met more than 50 teachers and it includes some of the best — Praseeda, Renuka, Sindhu, Sindhumol and many more ...nggh… if I were to list all the names it would include everybody.

I just wanna convey my heartfelt thanks to them at this moment

I write this post filled with 49 per cent happiness and 51per cent sadness..(I am definitely more sad…at this point..)

The reason is I will so miss my friends and teachers after this and I am gonna miss those marvellous days at school..

I still remember my first day at Amritha Vidyalayam. Well that time I couldn't even spell or say my school's name correctly. (It was a tongue twister for a three year old. :-)

But now I feel like having completed a major portion of my entire life...but I am just 16 years old now.

Anyway, I can't say too much now. Now ,we are waiting for our farewell.



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