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Young talent to the fore

Vocal and instrumental concerts by young artistes showed promise of talent.

Impressive performances Malladi Vasavi;

The Visakha Music Academy, Vishakapatnam, conducted its annual three-day young artistes music festival at Kalabharathi beginning last Friday.

Two recitals of about one and half hours each — veena by P.V. Lakshmi and vocal by I. Jagadamba — were featured to start with on the first day evening.

But for the sparkling performances provided by accompanists P. Ramesh on mridangam and M.P.S. Ravali on the violin for the first recital, master V.S. Jayadeep Sarma on mridangam for the second recital, both Lakhsmi and Jagadamba's recitals were dull.

Tallapragada Manikya Lakshmi;

The duo H. Ramcharan and M. Srinivas Rao on violin was ably accompanied on mridangam by P. Kamesh, and entailed audience interest the next evening.

Widely experienced, they vividly elaborated Manasayetulorthune (Malayamarutham) and Sarasasamadana (Kapinarayani) and expansively expatiated Yetheerunara (Kalyani).

Violin duet by Ch Ramya Kiranmayi and M Sriramya

Next, the vocal recital by Tallapragada Manikya Lakshmi with master S. Pardhiva on violin and V. Sai Sankar on mridangam, went on similarly. Her elaborate renditions of Bale Balandu (Reethigowla) and Nidhichala Sukhama (Kalyani) expansively were replete with erudite patches of manodharma.

Violin duet by young girls Ch. Ramya Kiranmayi and M. Sriramya with M. Edukondalu on mridangam was held to start with on the third day evening. The performance charmed everyone with a combination of aesthetically accomplished knowledge of exposition of all aspects of Carnatic music and techniques of playing on the instrument.

H Ramcharan and M Srinivas Rao.

Elaboration of Inthakannaanandamemi (Bilhari) and Chakkani Rajamargamu (Kharaharapriya) exquisitely stood out. Edukondalu on mridangam, especially executing thani, enhances the grandeur.

The vocal recital by A-grade AIR artiste Malladi Vasavi, proved to be the eruditely sumptuous and splendid finale of the fest. Accompanied on violin by Pappu Jnanadev and on mridangam by his brother Jayadev, she rendered a pleasing concert with erudite patches of manodharma.

Elaboration of Bhajare Bhaja Manasa (Kannada) and Sankari Samkuru (Saveri) were the highlights.


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