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In a league of his own

What's life like in Eastern Germany in the two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall?

This Saturday (July 2) Goethe Zentrum screens Liberated Zone (Befreite Zone), a charming comedy about modern life in the Eastern part of Germany. The film revolves around the hopes of a small town that has a football team, which loses every game that it plays. Yet hopes rise when a popular footballer is traded to the team.

He becomes an instant hit with the townsfolk. But as it is always with sports, fame is fickle and and the footballer's popularity depends on his team winning. Will he be good enough to carry the team and win the championship? Set against this backdrop is the love story between a young woman, who is engaged to a successful young businessman, and the soccer star.

The film will be screened at 6.45 p.m., at Goethe Zentrum's Amphitheatre. Entry is free. Contact: 3013018

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