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Beat diesel to be launched

GM India will launch the Beat diesel next month and expect it to be a game-changer for the company. The baby Chevy will be the first diesel in its class, which could give it a first-mover advantage in the A-segment which forms the bulk of the market.

In fact, the Beat Diesel will be the first three-cylinder diesel engine in India, the first diesel under one litre and, according to company sources, has the best ‘torque-per-litre' and ‘bhp-per-litre' figures in the industry.

It produces a respectable 58.5bhp and 15.29kgm of torque at 1750rpm from its 936cc engine which in a compact hatch promises sprightly performance. However, the key question that's yet to be answered is: how fuel efficient the Beat Diesel really is? According to the official Indian Driving Cycle figure, the Beat Diesel gives 23.99kpl which is about one kpl behind the lndica eV2. However, in real-world conditions, which involve slower average speeds and more stop-go driving, the Beat diesel could have an edge.

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