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Theodore Boone: The Abduction: John Grisham, Rs. 225

His best friend, April, disappears from her bedroom without a trace and now it's up to Boone to chase the truth down.

Priya in Incredible Indyaa: Namita Gokhale, Rs. 350

In this wickedly funny, occasionally tender book, Gokhale resurrects some unforgettable characters from her 1984 cult bestseller Paro, and plunges them neck-deep into Delhi's toxic waste of power, money and greed.

Murder in the Ashram: Kathleen McCaul, Rs. 299

Gripping debut novel that catapults the reader into a world of corruption in India's capital. It is the story of Ruby who finds out that the world of yoga isn't always a calm, spiritual place.

Sixkill: Robert B. Parker, Rs. 499

This sharp and witty page-turner leads the legendary private eye to a case where his morality is questioned and his life laid on the line.

Satin: A Stitch in Time: Payal Dhar, Rs. 250

Set in a world where the line between magic and technology are undefined and age-old conflicts simmer, is this exciting new series.


On China: Henry Kissinger, Rs. 899

This book is an effort, based in part on conversations with Chinese leaders, to explain the conceptual way the Chinese think about problems of peace and war and international order, and its relationship to case-by-case American approach.

Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan: Howard Sounes, Rs. 699

Based on in-depth original research, including hundreds of interviews with Dylan's closest associates, it gives a complete picture of Dylan. It also features a fresh chapter covering the artiste's recent projects.

God is Not a Christian: Desmond Tutu, Rs. 499

Tutu shares his thoughts on wide range of subjects, such as forgiveness and justice, the importance of community, tolerance and respect, hope and human rights, the challenges of sexuality, and theology and race.

Granta 115: The F Word, Rs. 699

This bold, political issue of Granta explores ‘women in the 21st century' from a wide variety of literary genres and perspectives.

Tracking Globalisation: J. S. Sodhi, Rs. 499

Accessible and comprehensive, this volume is an indispensable guide to making globalisation work for India.


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