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Microsoft vs. Google

Microsoft rolled out Office 365 on June 28 that moves its entire set of MS Office 2010 applications on to the cloud. The company is targeting enterprises with the solution with a payment mode of per user per month. Meanwhile, Google, which already has the enterprise solution Google Apps for Business that includes applications such as Google Docs, has launched a very aggressive campaign directly targeting Microsoft. In its enterprise blog — — Google has released a post titled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps” and a comparison chart on its services and rates.

Has your email been hacked?

There have been so many personal data breaches, of the likes of the massive Sony PlayStation hacking, that there is always the doubt whether one's email has been hacked. Thankfully some of the hackers are such show-offs that they are willing to release the personal data they got hold of. Now you have a website to check exactly this: Log into the website, and type your email id to see if you figure on any of the hacker's lists.

Opera gets a new release

Opera browser has launched a new update to its browser with version 11.5 this week. The new design is being touted to feature a featherweight user-interface, whatever that is. Opera has always been a good-looking browser that has unfortunately enjoyed a rather thin sliver of the browser pie — something like less than three per cent. One new feature that has captured users' imagination has been the ‘speed dial' — an alternative to the regular shortcut. You can download the latest browser (7.6 MB) at


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